86 Year Old Widow Evicted Due To Sharing Christian Faith

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A conservative law firm claims an 86-year-old California widow was evicted from her apartment complex because of her religious activity and age.

Diana Martin had been living in the Windgate Village Apartments in Hanford for almost 14 years when she claims she was suddenly evicted and told it was because of her religious activities — sharing her faith and offering to pray for people — as reasons why she must relocate.

She said she was singled out because of her age and that her parking spot was moved further away, making it difficult to reach. And, when she complained, she said she was described as “combative.”

Ultimately, she complied and moved out. But she reached out to Pacific Justice Institute (PJI), a Christian legal non-profit, after hearing about a similar case in which a great-grandmother was threatened with eviction from the Veterans Home of California for leading a Bible study.

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