Analysts Predict Dems To Flip Over 40 Seats In House

Fox News
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As House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi confidently predicts victory in next week’s midterms, at least one major political oddsmaker is giving her a boost: Cook Political Report is now saying Democrats could win as many as 40 seats in the House.

Dave Wasserman, House editor of the nonpartisan Cook Political Report, tweeted late Wednesday that the unit is revising its outlook to reflect a Democratic gain of 30-40 seats, up from 25-35. He warned that the outlook could change again before Tuesday.

Even some in Pelosi’s party are cautious about the pitfalls of overconfidence, amid recent reports of veteran operatives warning that the curtain-measuring echoes Democrats’ confidence in the lead-up to the 2016 election, which now-President Trump won.

Talk show host Stephen Colbert said as much when Pelosi predicted on his show earlier this week, “We will win.” She is expected to seek the speakership again if she’s right.

Fox News’ Power Rankings reflect a strong Democratic advantage in the race for the House, but not a lock. The ratings show 207 seats tilting toward the Democrats and 199 tilting toward Republicans, and the rest up in the air. It takes 218 seats to claim a majority. The Real Clear Politics map shows 204 House seats tilting Democratic, and 199 tilting Republican, with 32 in the “toss-up” column.



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