Biden allies plot 2024 strategy, morph Trump & Desantis

The Guardian
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Joe Biden beat Donald Trump once, and Democrats are crafting a strategy to try to beat him again in 2024 — even if his name isn’t on the ballot.

Anticipating that Trump may fade, Biden allies hope to persuade voters that the choice is the same and that any Republican successor would have to embrace enough of his policies to be a virtual clone of Trump himself.

Key to that approach is spotlighting Trump’s policies and worldview and forcing other GOP candidates to take positions on whether they agree with Trump or not. One statement that stands out, as Democrats see it, is Trump’s recent suggestion that parts of the Constitution could be set aside to invalidate the 2020 election results. If Democrats can show that Trump’s successors won’t condemn such remarks, they can make the case that Trumpism is on the ballot even if the man himself is sidelined, party strategists and Biden allies said.

“As it develops, let’s say it’s Ron DeSantis and not Trump” as the Republican nominee, said Alan Kessler, a longtime Philadelphia fundraiser, referring the governor of Florida. “I don’t think it’s a heavy lift to make DeSantis into Trump.”


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