Biden coughs 20 times then shakes hands

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Former President Donald Trump tore into President Joe Biden for coughing at least 20 times Thursday evening during his State of the Union address before shaking hands with congressional members later.

Throughout Biden’s speech, the president could be heard and seen repeatedly coughing. On multiple occasions, Biden used his right hand to cover his mouth while apologizing for his cough. While many people tuned in to watch the president’s anticipated address, Trump announced this week that he would be live reacting to the address.

The former president took to his social media platform, Truth Social, to post his unfiltered reactions to Biden’s speech. Roughly midway through the State of the Union address, Trump called out Biden’s noticeable cough.

“DON’T SHAKE PEOPLE’S HANDS GOING OUT – HE KEEPS COUGHING INTO HIS RIGHT HAND!” Trump posted. “See, as he’s getting ready to cough yet again into his right hand, the Fake News Media rushes him off the screen!”

Before ending his address, Biden called for congressional members and the American people to “build” a future “together” and thanked everyone in the audience. Immediately after, Biden could be seen turning around and shaking hands with Vice President Kamala Harris and Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson before moving on to a handful of congressional members.


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