Biden is losing the Latino vote

AFP via Getty Images
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With eight months still to go until the presidential election, many on the Left are in denial of one of the more historic and significant shifts happening within a key voting bloc — Latino voters.

The chief fallacy of the Democrats right now is that they believe President Joe Biden’s problems are all about perception.

In truth, however, the reality is far starker: The shortcomings of this administration’s policy outcomes are deeply rooted in reality.

If Biden loses in November, it will largely be because of Democrats’ shockingly diminished support among minority voters.

The latest polling for once-bedrock Democratic constituencies is eye-opening: The lead Democrats used to enjoy among Black Americans, for instance, has shrunk by a massive 20 points over the last three years.

But the news is even more sobering for Latinos: One recent poll now shows Biden actually losing the Hispanic vote outright, 40% to 46%.


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