Black & Latino voters don’t trust Biden economy

Andrew Caballero-Reynolds / AFP via Getty Images
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Of all the difficult questions Democrats face ahead of 2024, two storylines are particularly confounding. The first is the economy: Most Americans are still pretty pissed about its state, even though economists can point to plenty of positive indicators. And the second is in the polling: Joe Biden continues to underperform among Black and Latino Americans, who are a significant part of the Democratic base.

Those two features are likely connected. And understanding that connection might offer some greater insights into why today’s vibes remain so lousy.

Those vibes are independent of whether the economy is “good” or “bad” in any objective sense. That’s a political hornet’s nest, particularly when Biden’s economic record will be front and center in 2024 — and it will likely matter less than how voters are feeling when they go to the polls. Some pundits argue that the sour feelings about the economy are a reflection of real-world conditions and lived experience, while others argue that it’s a perception issue, and that the economy is objectively lifting Americans’ fortunes.

But not all Americans live under the same economic conditions, and two recent reports shed light on the different economic experiences of Black and Latino Americans.


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