Biden to demonize Trump in Valley Forge speech

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Joe Biden plans to commemorate the third anniversary of the events of January 6 by giving a speech Friday near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, the historic site where General George Washington regrouped the Continental Army despite all odds in 1777-78.

After years of comparing Jan 6 to 9/11, Pearl Harbor, and the Oklahoma City bombing, Biden will again desecrate hallowed ground and the graves of the victims—roughly 2,000 soldiers died over a six-month period at the Valley Forge encampment—to prioritize the largely peaceful protest at the Capitol as a pivotal event in American history. Fighting Trump and his supporters, the stunt apparently is supposed to demonstrate, is just like living in subhuman conditions fighting starvation, hypothermia, and deadly diseases to prevail over the British crown. (Ironically, Biden moved up the speech from Saturday to Friday amid bad weather forecasts.)

“The president will make the case directly that democracy and freedom—two powerful ideas that united the 13 colonies and that generations throughout our nation’s history have fought and died for—remains (sic) central to the fight we’re in today,” said Quentin Fulks, Biden’s deputy campaign manager.

What Biden and his history-illiterate team don’t realize in their latest attempt to ratchet up comparisons between America’s most fraught moments and a four-hour disturbance on public property during a Wednesday afternoon where the only people killed were Trump supporters is that Biden is King George III, not Washington or the rebels: an intemperate and entitled ruler clinging to power by intentionally provoking his subjects while using whatever force necessary to crush the opposition.

Biden’s Valley Forge performance also underscores the Democratic Party’s desperation to sustain the January 6 “insurrection” narrative throughout the 2024 presidential campaign; his first campaign ad released Thursday includes several familiar scenes of the Capitol protest. Bearing a dismal record across the board resulting in mass unpopularity even among his own voters, Biden is pinning his re-election hopes on the notion he is General Washington leading the charge to save “democracy” from the imaginary threat of Trump and MAGA extremists.

Dysentery, where are you when we need you most?




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