Democrats quick to lie if their goal is reached

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The Democrats have settled upon their 2024 campaign message: “Former President Donald Trump poses a threat to democracy and must be stopped. He has openly admitted he will become a dictator on day one.”

Liberals make these statements about Trump and so-called MAGA Republican “extremists” because they know if they are repeated enough, they will stick. And they’re right. No evidence is required because the Democrats know they will never be called upon to support their claims by their comrades.

When questioned by conservatives, however, they simply hold fast to their lies. Take, for example, Fox News host Bret Baier’s interview last week with Biden campaign official Quentin Fulks, who blamed Republicans for the influx of more than 300,000 illegal immigrants at our southern border in December alone. “President Biden took office, sent a comprehensive immigration reform package to Congress,” he said. “They have refused to pass it or do anything.”

Baier quickly reminded him that Biden reversed the Trump administration’s “Remain in Mexico” and catch-and-release policies on day one.

Fulks said that “Donald Trump rounded up immigrants, separated families, and put them in cages. That’s not how we treat human beings.”

Baier was having none of it: “There are more kids in custody under the Biden administration than there were under the Trump administration. You know that.” He added, “You have to concede immigration is a vulnerability for the Biden campaign. Can’t you concede that?”

Fulks replied: “What we concede is that President Biden is working on this issue and that Republicans in the House are playing political games and doing Donald Trump’s bidding so no real results get done. They are the least effective House since the Great Depression because they are playing political games instead of trying to get real results done and working with this president for the American people.”

The exchange shows that this blubbering imbecile either had no understanding of the topic or was lying through his teeth. My money’s on the latter. And unfortunately, Fulks’s disingenuousness is typical of most liberals. They will defend the indefensible at all costs — no matter how dishonest they sound. When called out on their lies, they turn into sniveling idiots.

Conservatives, on the other hand, are generally well armed with the facts. They need to be because it’s not a level playing field.

Baier, for example, refused to let Fulks’s lies stand — a strategy every conservative should adopt when dealing with the Left. Pin them down. Question their “facts.” Force them to explain themselves. Be the 3-year-old in the room who never stops asking why.

Here are six questions we must ask our liberal friends:


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