Electric vehicle dealers say “too expensive to sell”

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Car dealers are struggling to convince the public to purchase electric vehicles as the price tags seemingly only entice the upper class.

“People know what electric vehicles are. They know the pluses and the minuses — we’re past that,” Ohio car dealer Rhett Ricart told Business Insider. “What really matters now is making a pitch on affordability.”

“The American public just isn’t ready for them yet,” Ricart said. “If you’re a rich guy, sure, they’ll buy their Tesla. But now we’re talking about the masses. The cashier at Home Depot or the school teacher.”

Washington, D.C.-area dealer Vince Sheehy agreed. Despite driving one himself, he claimed that EVs “are the slowest moving vehicles right now on our lot.” Sheehy admitted that as a wealthy dealer, he is no longer the electric industry’s target audience.

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