Fox News Believes They Have Found Jimmy Hoffa

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Jimmy Hoffa could be encased in a metal barrel tomb in New Jersey.


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Fox Nation has found what appears to be multiple large buried pieces of curved metal, that could indicate steel drums arranged on top of each other, that fit the description of where Hoffa was buried in a 55-gallon steel drum, with additional drums piled on top of his, in 1975.

“He couldn’t fit in the drum body first, feet first. They had to turn him and put him in head first,” Frank Cappola told Fox Nation, describing how he says his father, Paul Cappola Sr., pushed the remains of the iconic labor leader into a steel drum when the body was delivered to him at his mob-connected Jersey City dump days after Hoffa vanished just outside Detroit.

“He couldn’t get the legs to bend right,” he said. “Don’t take this the wrong way, because he had a lot of respect for Hoffa, but he said ‘they couldn’t fit the fat little man in a barrel feet first.’ So they put him in headfirst and then they pushed the cover on top of him. And then they buried him.”

Cappola said his father then dug a 12-foot-deep hole with an excavator, dumped the drum holding Hoffa’s remains into the pit, and then piled more than one dozen 55-pound steel drums on top of Hoffa’s, before filling the hole in with dirt to cover up the evidence. He said he was “99 point-99-point-99 percent sure” and “would bet my life” that Hoffa was there.

Fox Nation also found an underground pit that was at some point filled in with different dirt at the spot.



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