In Haiti; fear, danger, chaos is the norm

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In Haiti, there aren’t many certainties in life, but chaos may be one of them.

For a country that’s experienced coups, transitional governments, assassinations and gang violence over the years, the chaos of the last two weeks has reached new levels.

During that period there has been no leadership, no law and order in the capital and a dwindling supply of humanitarian aid. The country has been effectively cut off from the outside world.

On Thursday, gangs continued their rampage across the capital Port-au-Prince. They shot at the airport just as workers had begun to fix damage from previous attacks.

Local news reported that gangs had also looted the house of the national police director and then set it on fire.

The violence follows a couple of days of relative quiet and it comes just days after Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry agreed to resign, as part of a deal brokered by regional and international governments to install a transitional council that will eventually elect a new transitional prime minister.

Haiti’s prime minister says he’ll resign once a transitional council is created
Haiti’s prime minister says he’ll resign once a transitional council is created
Some prominent gang leaders have rejected the plan, saying it doesn’t represent the will of the Haitian people. The gangs have threatened more violence as a means to oppose the plan.


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