Iran gave go-ahead for Hamas attack on Israel

The Times of Israel
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Iran was directly involved in the planning of the Saturday terror attack on Israel, which has spurred a war between the country and the Hamas terrorist organization, which operates out of the contested Gaza Strip, according to reports.

Iranian security officials reportedly met with several terrorist entities over months to plan the terrorist attack that saw Hamas invade Israel by way of air, land, and sea, killing civilians and capturing families, the elderly, and young children to bring back to Gaza as hostages. More than 700 have died in Israel, and more than 2,300 are injured, while about 493 people have been killed in Gaza, with 2,751 injured.

In a Sunday report, the Wall Street Journal alleged that Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps officers met in Beirut, Lebanon, with Hamas last week, giving final approval for the details of the planned attack. The publication cited senior members of Hamas and another Iran-backed terrorist organization based in Lebanon, Hezbollah.

These Iranian officials have been assisting in planning the terror attack since August, according to the Wall Street Journal. Israel’s borders had not been breached in this capacity since the 1973 Yom Kippur War, which started 50 years prior, practically to the day.


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