‘Judgement’ is the left’s new dirty word

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The metro system of a major North American city boasted recently of “a safe and judgment-free space” for the “2LGBTQQIA+ community.”

What is the most striking and damaging ingredient of this confection? It is neither the alphabet soup nor the reflexive virtue signaling on gender, both of which are common enough. Indeed, they are routine elements in half the press releases issued on any given day.

What is profoundly important, though hardly new, is the implication that judgment is a bad thing. It is treated as though all good people agree on the proposition that one wraps oneself in approbation by avoiding judgment and incurs censure if one volunteers comment on the relative merits of this and that.

“Judgment” has not merely replaced “prejudice” as the epitome of bigotry but repudiates and reverses its central idea, rather as equity has replaced and repudiated the virtues of equality. The evil of prejudice is that it draws conclusions without exercising judgment; what was previously demanded is now not merely dispensed with but intolerable.

Judgment and its siblings, discrimination and reason, used to be understood as the highest and worthiest qualities. They were recognized as necessary for the proper functioning of coherent and civilized people.

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