Brands double-down on LGTBQ+ for pride month

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As some brands shy away from LGBTQ+ campaigns because of boycotts, others, including Glamour and The North Face, are embracing the community for Pride Month despite the potential backlash.

For years, brands have honored Pride Month with LGTBQ+-friendly campaigns and sponsorships. But, Pride Month is coming on the heels of a successful boycott of Bud Light that sparked a significant drop in sales and the company’s stock price and Target’s removal of some LGBTQ+ items from stores. It’s made all brands susceptible to a boycott and left them to make a significant choice about the company’s values at a pivotal moment.

For its June cover story, which was released on Thursday, Glamour UK published an unflinching profile of author Logan Brown discussing his anxieties over navigating his status as a pregnant, transgender male.

In the article, Brown explains that he got pregnant when he took a break from taking testosterone for health reasons and that he felt like his manlihood was “erased” when he found out he was pregnant. Eventually, Brown said he embraced the pregnancy, knowing that it was “really special” to have an opportunity as a queer couple to have a baby that’s biologically their own.

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