Man eats raw meat for 78 days straight to ‘see how long he can survive’

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A carnivore is putting his love of meat to the test by conducting an experiment to see how long he can survive eating raw flesh every single day.

The man has so far managed 78 days consuming his favourite uncooked foods, including chicken breasts, steak and swordfish, apparently without succumbing to severe food poisoning.

He has documented his quest to ‘eat raw meat every day until I die from bacteria’ on Instagram account @rawmeatexperiment, sharing his daily diet with more than 60,000 followers.

He washes down his meals with raw eggs or raw animal milk.

In one of his first posts, the unnamed man, who lives in the US, tears into a steak, biting into the fat, while his dog hungrily looks on.

Taking the caveman diet to the extreme, he has since enjoyed delicacies including cow liver and camel milk.

On day 33 he tucked into some minced beef, telling followers: ‘No chewing involved, you can basically just place the cow flesh in your mouth and swallow it.


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