Marijuana Being Shipped Across State Lines Via USPS Is A Growing Concern

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Ever since recreational marijuana became legal in Colorado and Washington (followed by a handful of other states), and medical marijuana became legal in several others, scofflaws have taken to using the United States Postal Service to illegally move it across state lines. As it turns out, the USPS doesn’t have any clear policies, or clear direction, in how to handle the issue.

Postmasters in at least seven unidentified post offices were found to have identified and held packages suspected of containing marijuana but then done nothing with them for lack of training about what to do next.

In one city, packages suspected of containing pot were put in the postmaster’s office — and then just left there.

“The postmaster stated that he holds packages suspected of containing marijuana in his office, which is generally unlocked. The postmaster also stated he was not aware of any procedures and did not receive training to secure suspected packages containing marijuana.”


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