Much of San Francisco an ‘Open Air Drug Market’

Jon Michael Raasch
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Ricci Wynne stepped out of his home in San Francisco’s Civic Center neighborhood and witnessed a typical sight: masked drug dealers dressed head-to-toe in black as addicts act erratically — if they’re not slumped over. And the bus stops, he said, have been “hijacked” as open-air drug markets.

“I pay $2,500 a month for a studio apartment in this area,” Wynne, a drug abstinence advocate, told Fox News. Seconds later, he was walking through a crowd of drug dealers and people smoking fentanyl at a bus stop blocks from his home.

“Bus stops are basically being hijacked by drug dealers and drug users, and it’s turned into like one of the biggest open-air drug markets here in San Francisco,” he said, pointing at the bus stops near his home. “It’s kind of jarring and can be really traumatizing to some people, especially young children.”



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