Refugee Caravan Rapidly Approaching American Border

Fox News
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In what is being called ‘March of the Migrant,’ at least 1,300 Honduran migrants are headed to the United States. They are escaping extreme poverty and some of the highest crime rates in the world.

Hundreds of migrants who reportedly have broken away from the caravan moving through Guatemala are now said to be at that country’s border with Mexico, just hours after President Trump issued a warning that he may ask the military to get involved if officials there can’t “stop this onslaught.”

A migrant shelter in Tecun Uman on the Guatemalan side of the border reported Thursday that hundreds of Hondurans from the caravan of about 4,000 have already made it there, according to the Associated Press.

The rest reportedly are hours behind in Guatemala City as the caravan appeared to be dispersing in some parts. Migrants are hopping on buses and hitching rides instead of journeying northward on foot – but it’s unclear whether those who have made it the farthest will try to enter Mexico immediately or wait for others so they can attempt a mass crossing.



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