Rudy Says Hunter Biden Laptop Contains Child Pornography

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According to Rudy Giuliani, Joe Biden’s FBI is unfairly targeting him for exposing rampant fraud in last year’s elections. During an interview Tuesday, the former Trump attorney said asserted that the FBI is not interested is solving actual crimes.

“It’s having raided my house and found nothing,” he stated. “The only incriminating thing in my house are the Hunter Biden hard drives and they wouldn’t take them.”

Giuliani then suggested Democrats have weaponized federal agencies for the purposes of political persecution of conservatives. He also said Hunter Biden committed crimes in several countries, yet the FBI is giving him a pass.

Meanwhile, the former Trump attorney also said he’s fighting the recent suspension of his law licenses in New York and Washington D.C. in court while asserting those decisions were also motivated by politics. On Wednesday, the District of Columbia Court of Appeals suspended Giuliani’s license pending a disciplinary proceeding in New York.

D.C. Bar records show Giuliani was an inactive member in the district and was “in good standing.” Giuliani is currently contesting the decision to ban him from practicing law while citing his investigations into 2020 election fraud as an issue.

“I believe that the real problem here is somebody’s got to fix this double standard justice system, which is not America anymore,” he stated. “This is a one-sided decision not based on evidence, based on newspapers. They haven’t called a single witness. I can call 100 witnesses to support what I’m saying and I’m ready to do it.”



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