Russian hypersonic missiles a game changer in Ukraine war

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Until now, Ukraine’s air defenses say they have largely succeeded in destroying a substantial number of the Russian rockets being fired into the country’s civilian centers. On Thursday, the Kremlin threw in a new wrinkle.

In an early morning attack on targets across the country, Russian forces apparently added several hypersonic missiles, known as Kinzhals — or “Daggers” in Russian — to the lethal mix. Ukrainian forces say their defensive capabilities are not up to the task of taking out a Kinzhal.

Six Kinzhals were included in Thursday’s attack, according to Ukrainian defense forces. Although Russia has used these weapons before, in the opening weeks of the conflict, Yuriy Ignat, an air force spokesman, told Ukrainian TV that the enemy had never fired so many of them in a single attack. Ignat said only 34 of the 81 total incoming Russia missiles were shot down.


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