This school staged a ‘Color Wars’ pep rally… You won’t believe what happens next!

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“Color Wars” was always supposed to be a way to promote school spirit and good-natured competition between classes at Polson High School in Montana.

On its surface, the concept is simple: Each class gets assigned a color — black for seniors, white for juniors, blue for sophomores, green for freshmen — and the class with the most students dressed in their assigned color on “Color Wars” day is declared the winner.

There had never before been a problem with the long-standing Homecoming tradition at the rural Montana school, about an hour north of Missoula, according to Polson District Superintendent Rex Weltz.

This year, Polson High is in the national spotlight after two students — one male and one female from the junior class’s “white team” — showed up to the annual Homecoming rally last Thursday wearing T-shirts with “Trump 2016 White Pride” written on the back.


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