Trump A Champion For The NRA

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US President Donald Trump have told gun owners that they have a “true friend in the White House” as he addressed a National Rifle Association (NRA) meeting in Atlanta.

“To the NRA, I can proudly say I will never, ever let you down,” he said on Friday, pledging also never to “infringe” on the right of people to keep and bear arms.

“Freedom is not a gift from government. Freedom is a gift from God,” he told the powerful lobbying group.

Trump, speaking on the 99th day of his presidency, said he was proud to be the first sitting president to address a major NRA forum since Ronald Reagan in 1983.

He thanked the organisation for backing him in May last year, the earliest it has ever endorsed a presidential nominee.

“You came through for me, and I am going to come through for you,” Trump said.

According to US media reports, the NRA gave $30.3m to the Trump campaign.


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