Turkish President blames US for ‘Gaza Genocide’

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, an important NATO ally, blamed the United States for a “genocide” in Gaza while labeling Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a bloodthirsty “vampire.”

Erdogan made the comments in a speech to Turkey’s parliament, speaking after a recent Israeli airstrike led to dozens of civilian deaths in Rafah. Though several other NATO members have been critical of Israel during its war in Gaza, the Turkish president has perhaps topped them all, going so far as to show support for Hamas. His Wednesday remarks denouncing Israel and Netanyahu are his strongest yet, comparing the prime minister with a supernatural monster.

“The world is watching the barbarism of a sick man, a maniac, a psychopath, and a blood-feeding vampire called Netanyahu,” Erdogan said.

“Israel is not just a threat to Gaza but to all of humanity,” Erdogan said. “No state is safe as long as Israel does not follow international law and does not feel bound by international law.”

After denouncing Netanyahu, he then cast blame for the “genocide” on the U.S., one of his closest allies.

“Oh, the American state, this blood is on your hands also,” Erdogan said. “You are responsible for this genocide at least as much as Israel. Oh, the heads of state and government of Europe, you are also a party to Israel’s genocide, this barbarism, this vampirelike act of Israel, because you remained silent.”

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