Was Abraham Lincoln a ‘flaming gay queer’?

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Discovery+ is the latest brand facing backlash as disgruntled social media users are unhappy with a documentary it produced speculating about Abraham Lincoln’s sexuality.

Conservatives have now taken to Twitter to express their anger at the latest brand, Discovery+, over an episode of the streamer’s series, The Book of Queer.

Titled What They Didn’t Teach Us About Abraham Lincoln, the episode explores the long-held theory that the 16th American president was either gay or bisexual.

The episode, which was first published for Pride Month in 2022, has now resurfaced as a point of ire for conservatives.

“For Pride, Discovery+ is promoting 8 minutes of revisionist history inspired by Queer Theory. Their claim: Abraham Lincoln was a flaming Queer, didn’t love his wife & had 4 male lovers. The amount of historical inaccuracies they report to fit the Woke narrative is staggering,” wrote one user on Twitter who shared the episode in a tweet that has been viewed around 168,000 times.

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