A white officer falsely accuses black man of shooting her

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Just after midnight Sept. 13, Officer Sherry Hall radioed for help. She had just been injured in a gun battle with a man in a cul-de-sac in Jackson, Ga. He was 250 pounds, she said, mentally disturbed — and black.

Without warning, Hall said, the man stood up and fired his gun, shooting a round into her bullet-resistant vest. As she took cover, she said, he ran away.

It was, seemingly, another unprovoked attack on a law enforcement officer in a summer full of them. In July, officers were targeted and killed in Dallas. A week later, it happened again in Baton Rouge. The shooters claimed the bloodshed was retaliation for the killing of black men by white law enforcement officers.

Now, people were about to learn there was a cop-shooting black man on the loose in Jackson, a city of 5,000 where 41 percent of the people are black, according to the U.S. census.

Hall stoked the fear during an interview with a local CBS affiliate.

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