Big Mac inflation; Mcdonalds meal nearly $18

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An image of McDonald’s menu this week went viral because people couldn’t believe the prices depicted. Twitter user Sam Learner says he snapped the photo at a McDonald’s located at a Connecticut rest stop. In the photo, a Big Mac combo meal – with fries and a soft drink – is $17.59.

Other combo meals, like a Quarter Pounder with bacon and cheese, are priced at $18.99 in the photo. Menu prices for many restaurants are often higher on delivery apps than in-store. On GrubHub, a Big Mac combo meal from the Darien location will set you back $21.59.

The high prices stand out, considering the fast food chain is known for low-priced food and even boasts a $1 menu at many locations.

After discovering the expensive McDonald’s off of I-95 in Darien, Learner said he looked into the company’s prices a bit more. “Ok, I did a little digging and I think I might have stumbled into the country’s most expensive McDonald’s,” he tweeted.

Using data from Pantry and Larder, a food research site, Learner found a McDonald’s in Lee, Massachusetts, lists a Big Mac for $8.09. Still, the Darien location lists a more expensive Big Mac for $8.29.


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