Does Biden really want to fix the border crisis?

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President Joe Biden is ending his third year in office with the southern border in worse shape now than at any time in the immigration crisis that has resulted in nearly 6 million arrests of illegal immigrants.

But if Biden wants to get a hold of the situation in 2024, the final year of his first term, immigration policy groups like NumbersUSA say he will need to step up to the plate and get Congress to act.

“Of course, President Biden can fix the situation, but it’s apparent that there is an ideological opposition among those in charge of immigration policy to do so,” said Eric Ruark, director of research at NumbersUSA. “Congress has given the president all the tools necessary to secure the border. The border crisis is the result of deliberate choice. Nonetheless, Congress can and, given the current crisis, must do more.”

Ruark recommended Congress start with the Senate passing the House-passed H.R. 2, along with Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) S.B. 2824. The bills would require immigrants outside the United States to remain in Mexico through asylum proceedings rather than be released into the country, would make it more difficult to qualify for asylum during initial screenings, and limit who can be paroled into the country.

NumbersUSA, a Washington-based nonprofit group that favors reducing overall immigration levels, agreed with Republicans who have accused Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas of incompetence, indifference, and even intentionally opening the border to the masses.

Biden’s handling of the situation at the U.S. southern border stands in juxtaposition with his strong desire to send billions of dollars to Israel and Ukraine to secure their borders and homeland amid war.

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