Gripping Testimony Delivered By Kavanaugh Accuser

The Hill
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Christine Blasey Ford struggled to retain her composure on Thursday as she described in gripping detail before a rapt Senate panel how she was sexually assaulted at a party as a high school student — she says by Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court.

In a breathless voice, Ford told the Senate Judiciary Committee how she thought Kavanaugh might accidentally kill her when he put his hand over her mouth to keep her from screaming after pinning her down to a bed and groping her.

Ford at times appeared to be fighting back tears as she told the committee about how she discussed the assault in a 2012 therapy session, but tried not to think about it or discuss it much after.

“After that May 2012 therapy session, I did my best to suppress memories of the assault because recounting the details caused me to relive the experience, and caused panic attacks and anxiety,” she said.

The hearing room was dead silent as Ford delivered her testimony, her voice trembling.



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