Pros And Cons Of Medical Marijuana Use

Mario Anzuoni/Reuters
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Cannabis may ease your chronic pain, but pass on the spliff if you’re worried about anxiety. Those are two takeaways from a federal advisory released Thursday by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. The comprehensive review pinpoints the conditions where cannabis can provide a benefit and where it can’t.

“We conducted an in-depth and broad review of the most recent research to establish firmly what the science says and to highlight areas that still need further examination,” Marie McCormick, a Harvard pediatrician who chaired the review panel, said in a statement. “As laws and policies continue to change, research must also.”

Along with the conclusive evidence that cannabis can help chronic pain, the team found strong support that marijuana soothes multiple sclerosis symptoms and nausea during chemotherapy. However, they found insufficient support that marijuana can cure cancer and aid conditions like traumatic brain injury.

What medical marijuana can and can’t do for your health | PBS NewsHour

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