What is “The Censorship Industrial Complex”?

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Donald Trump will be the 2024 Republican nominee, barring incidents unforeseen. It is all but a formality. He is also the favorite to win the 2024 general election by most polls and estimates.

Yet looming over the election is interference by way of the censorship industrial complex, a network of government agencies that conspire to censor Americans for holding disfavored views.

Republicans are aware of the measures taken to meddle in the election on Joe Biden’s behalf. They complain about them often. But what have they done to prevent interference from occurring, again, in 2024?

They haven’t done anything. At least not successfully.

And if you think there won’t be interference this time around, you are part of the gambit.

The powers that be have made it their moral duty to prevent you from deciding whether Trump should or should not return to the White House.

They impeached him, indicted him, arrested him, and now seek to remove him from primary ballots. Damaging Trump’s campaign is an obsession.

It’s their religion.

And with more Americans than ever turning to algorithms for news and information, the censorship industrial complex is in position to manipulate more votes this year than in any election prior.

The alliance between government agencies and social media services runs deeper than perhaps even the supposed conspiracy theorists contend.

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