What the heck is ‘Bidenomics’?

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The White House is pressing congressional Democrats to embrace the concept of “Bidenomics” as President Joe Biden tries to reclaim messaging around the economy.

In a memo sent to Hill Democrats earlier this week, White House officials detailed talking points to control the economic narrative as being under the control of Bidenomics, a catchall term referring to the policies implemented by the Biden administration. The strategy comes as Republicans have hammered the president on economic problems, pointing to soaring inflation as a result of the very policies the president claims are helping bring inflation down.

The White House memo points to the economic growth during the Biden administration, arguing the president has put working-class families in a better position than they were before the COVID-19 pandemic. The memo cited declining inflation rates over the last year, as well as lowering costs of living and prescription drug costs.

One chart showed that inflation rates have dropped in the United States compared to other countries while the economic recovery has been the strongest of its peers.

The memo criticized Republicans’ plans to “enact massive tax cuts,” accusing the GOP of “adding trillions of dollars to the deficit.” The White House also decried efforts to raise the retirement age to receive Social Security benefits, returning to a central talking point during the midterm elections.

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