What’s with this Stanley Tumbler craze?

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t seems that every so often, a different water bottle has its turn at being the cup everyone has to have. There was Nalgene, CamelBak, then S’well and, in the past few years, Hydro Flask — indicating the growing desire over the years for reusable bottles that are nonplastic.

Now, it’s the Stanley cup’s turn (not to be confused with the trophy awarded each year to whichever team wins the NHL championship). The brand’s “Quencher” model in particular has had a resurgence among women and a younger clientele.

The fever was on display last week when people camped outside overnight at Target stores just to get their hands on a limited-edition “Stanley + Starbucks” collaboration. One man went so far as to jump the counter to steal a box of the pink glossy cups. And late last year, the limited-edition pink and cherry red tumblers caused mayhem at Target.

Ordinarily, the company’s popular Quencher model costs an average of $45, but resellers already are taking advantage of the hype by posting the limited-edition ones on sites like eBay for hundreds of dollars. Even the hashtag #stanleybrand has 65.3 million views on TikTok, while #stanleytumbler alone has 1 billion views.

So what’s the craze behind these seemingly ordinary bottles?

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