Biden’s Approval Plummets Among Democrats

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After a week of momentum at the polls, President Joe Biden saw a significant dip in his approval ratings due largely to Democrats and independents.

According to the latest The Economist / YouGov poll on Wednesday, Biden’s net approval fell 14 points to 39 percent. Earlier, Biden had an unusually high approval rating from “less committed Democrats” YouGov says. The president ended the week with a 45 percent approval rating. Independents, however, seem to be giving Biden the cold shoulder as his approval fell a whopping 18 percent in the past week.

While the direct answer as to why the sudden drop isn’t certain, the poll points to Biden’s failing favorability in the economy as one potential reason. Both inflation and the economy have been top issues for Democrats and independents as the midterm elections near. Biden’s net approval of his handling of jobs and the economy fell 15 points this week, according to YouGov.


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