Billion of US aid dollars vanished in Afghanistan

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Ayear after the Taliban’s takeover of Kabul began a scrambled U.S. airlift out of a two-decade conflict in Afghanistan, the United States once again finds itself devoting billions of dollars of military and economic aid to a partner at war — this time to Ukraine, in its fight against Russia.

The U.S. had devoted at least $134 billion trying to shore up the Afghan government and a 2020 report by the congressionally mandated Office of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) found that around $19 billion out of the approximately $63 billion in assistance reviewed was lost to waste, corruption and abuse.

A further untold sum vanished when the Taliban successfully established its Islamic Emirate the following year. Today, experts warn that a substantial portion of U.S. aid to Ukraine may also be at risk without greater oversight measures.


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