Hillary Says Trump Should Be Indicted For Obstruction

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Hillary Clinton believes the only thing that prevented President Donald Trump from being indicted as a result of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is the fact that he’s president.

Clinton addressed the portion of Mueller’s nearly 450-page report that dealt with whether Trump obstructed justice. She said that if “any other person … engaged in those acts” described in the report, they “would certainly have been indicted.”

But because of the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel memo that states a sitting president cannot be indicted, Clinton said Mueller punted the issue to Congress — something she said Mueller made clear he was doing.

“If you read that part of the report, it could not be clearer,” she said, adding, “But we do have checks and balances in America, and there is this thing called the Congress. I mean, you could not be more explicit than, ‘Please, look at this, you might conclude that this does not rise to an impeachable offense, that’s your job, but I’m giving this to you.'”

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