Judge Offers Criminals Vaccine Instead Community Service

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A judge in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has offered some people on probation the option of getting the coronavirus vaccine instead of serving out court-mandated service hours.

“Judges do innovative things like this all the time. For example, you have probably seen or heard in the past the judge would allow your donation of blood instead of community service work or instead of payment of the fine,” District Attorney Hillar Moore explained of the option. “If a judge is going to make this offer, I think it’s a reasonable one.”

Judge Fred T. Crifasi allowed at least two people the option to get the vaccine instead of finishing out their community service hours, according to court document reviewed by news outlet WBRZ. One of the offenders owed 33 hours of community service, according to the court records.

The district attorney added that anyone who is uncomfortable with the option can opt out.

“These judges in these circumstances are being totally reasonable, but I do understand that someone may think that way. And if that’s the case, don’t get vaccinated,” Moore said.

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