McNugget Meal costs over $25 in California

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A fast food run ain’t what it used to be.

A TikTok video of a customer complaining about the price of a $25 deal at a California McDonald’s has sparked blame for the state’s latest minimum wage increase for fast food workers.

Since going into effect on April 1, the law requires chains with 60 or more restaurants nationwide to offer workers a $20 an hour starting wage, up from the previous $16 standard.

The viral video shows the frustrated customer at a Southern California drive-thru venting as she calls the price of the “40-piece chicken McNuggets bundle” absurd. The combo comes with four containers of 10 piece nuggets and two large fries for $25.39 plus a sales tax, which she calls “McFlation.”

“OK, so it’s $25.39 for 40-piece nuggets and two large fries,” the customer said in the video. “You couldn’t even throw in a medium Sprite in there? Holy crap.”


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