Obama-Biden healthcare costs are intolerable

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The costs of Obamacare and its Biden-era add-ons are becoming intolerable.

When President Barack Obama and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) bent legislative rules to pass Obamacare 13 years ago, critics rightly scoffed at their claims that it would expand access to health insurance and control costs.

Healthcare inflation has continued to raise prices in the rest of the economy, as was always obviously going to be the case despite Democratic falsehoods, and the massive costs to taxpayers also keep growing. The latest numbers on health insurance premiums and dangerous additional levels of government debt condemn both Obamacare and President Joe Biden’s policies that are driven by the same flawed assumptions.

For most people, it is the direct costs of premiums that hit hardest. KFF, a health policy think tank, reports this week that the average cost of employer-based health insurance premiums for family coverage has reached nearly $24,000. That’s 7% more than last year, nearly doubling the broader inflation rate.

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