Should America pay billions To Prop up Ukraine’s Economy?

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Ukrainian leaders are calling on the U.S., European Union and International Monetary Fund to cover a predicted budget deficit of up to $55 billion, a shortfall which threatens to collapse Ukraine from within even while its troops steadily push back occupying Russian forces.

Kyiv insiders told Newsweek that the U.S. is expected to cover between one third and one half of the 2023 budget gap: a contribution of between $18 and $28 billion.

On Capitol Hill, that proposal could irk Republicans who pushed back on expanded financial aid, and progressive Democrats who called for more dialogue with Moscow.

The U.S. has already contributed more than $52 billion to help Ukraine—about $15 billion in financial assistance, $27 billion in military aid, and $9 billion in humanitarian support, according to Statista—making it by far the most generous nation backing Kyiv, though several European nations have contributed more as a proportion of GDP.


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