Supreme Court Asked To Hear Vaccine Mandate Case

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A group of New York City public school teachers who refuse COVID-19 inoculation have asked the Supreme Court to block a vaccine mandate set to take effect Friday.

The teachers, who expressed various reasons for refusing to vaccinate, are united in their view that New York City’s public health measure runs afoul of the law.

“Thousands of school teachers will lose their livelihoods if they are without pay and cannot work anywhere else, their ability to serve the children of New York City, and, of course, their ranking as teachers,” their lawyer Vinoo Varghese told The Hill.

The teachers’ request was submitted to Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who handles emergency matters arising from New York, after their legal bid was rebuffed by lower federal courts over the past week.

The dispute arose after New York City officials in August announced that public school employees would be required to get vaccinated against the coronavirus in the interest of protecting the health of those who populate America’s largest school system.



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