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A seaweed blob twice the width of the US is nearly here

A giant blob of seaweed twice the width of the continental United States is headed for the shores of Florida and other coastlines throughout the Gulf of Mexico, threatening to dump smelly and possibly harmful piles across beaches and dampening tourism season. Sargassum — the specific variety of seaweed — has long formed large blooms […]

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Ian weakens as recovery efforts are underway

As post-tropical cyclone Ian moves inland across North Carolina and Virginia Saturday morning, communities in Florida and South Carolina are recovering after the deadly storm brought torrential rain, powerful winds and cataclysmic flooding over the course of three terrifying days. Ian slammed into southwest Florida as a severe Category 4 hurricane Wednesday, packing sustained winds […]

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Florida prepares for Hurricane Ian as Cuba is hit

Major Hurricane Ian will make landfall across the west-central coast of Florida on Wednesday and into Thursday. This incredibly dangerous storm will slow down and bring life-threatening storm surge, heavy rain and extreme flooding along the coast and far inland. Tornadoes will be possible, as well as widespread power outages. Cuban authorities declared emergencies in […]

What would Walt Disney think about his company’s ‘wokeness’?

Floridians provided mixed responses to the newly signed state legislation that opponents dubbed “Don’t Say Gay.” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the Parental Rights in Education bill into law Monday, which prohibits classroom discussion or instruction about sexual oriention and gender identity. The Walt Disney Co. issued a statement opposing the legislation. “We’ve been going […]