1st semi-automatic gun ban in 20 years being pushed by Dems

House Democrats pushed ahead Wednesday with legislation that would ban certain semi-automatic weapons as they considered their most far-reaching response yet to this summer’s series of mass shootings. Democrats hope that the 100-page bill moving through the Judiciary Committee will pass the House before the August break. But that is far from assured because some […]


Subway restaurant worker killed for putting too much mayo on customers sandwich

An employee at a Subway restaurant in Atlanta was shot and killed Sunday after a customer got upset about a condiment on his sandwich, Atlanta Police said. Police were called to the restaurant near Mercedes-Benz Stadium in downtown Atlanta shortly after 6:30 p.m., a news release from the police department said.Officers found two employees shot, […]

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Biden’s IRS is making massive purchases of bulk ammunition

Biden’s IRS is buying up ammunition in bulk. On Saturday, Florida Representative Matt Gaetz told Breitbart that the government entity had spent $700,00 purchasing ammo “between March and June 1.” This poses the obvious question — why? Agents in the IRS Criminal Investigation department (CI) are armed with weapons and therefore need ammo. That being […]