These entry-level workers earn six-figure salaries

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Davis Nguyen specialises in helping college seniors begin a career in management consulting. It’s an industry that historically pays well: even before the pandemic, some of the biggest firms offered undergraduates salaries that often approached the six-figure mark.

However, in the current market, Nguyen’s clients are doing particularly well. “They’ll come back and say ‘I have two great offers’,” explains the founder of My Consulting Offer, based in Georgia, US. “One is for $120,000 , the other is for $140,000 . Today’s climate means graduates can earn much more money than a few years ago.”

Management consulting is among the sectors in which graduates are increasingly walking straight from the lecture hall into six-figure roles – earning pay packets most people will never see in their lifetimes. In Big Tech, entry-level software engineers are often starting on such wages. At the largest banking corporations, pay for first-year analysts has spiked nearly 30% – a $110,000  base salary, in some cases. At the biggest London law firms, some newly qualified solicitors begin their careers on a $141,000 salary . Nguyen says “20-year-olds earning $100,000 from the get-go” has increasingly become the norm since the pandemic.


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