USA’s most pest-infested cities ranked

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Washington, D.C., has been ranked as the third-most pest-infested city in America based on the population of both cockroaches and rats.

The nation’s capital has an average of 348.6 rat and 228.5 cockroach sightings per year, according to U.S. census data from 2021. This makes the combined sighting rate 83.7 per 100,000 residents, according to the New York-based pest inspector group Doctor Sniffs.

“As urban centers grapple with the challenge of rat and cockroach sightings, the study highlights the importance of proactive pest control measures to create livable, healthy communities,” said a spokesperson for Doctor Sniffs.

The No. 1 city in the U.S. for pest sightings was Atlanta at 163.9 per 100,000, followed by Miami at 141.0. Northern cities, including Boston and New York City, made the list, as well as Houston, Dallas, and Riverside, CA.


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