Horse Escapes Racetrack, Runs Down Kentucky Highway

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That really was a horse, not a Bronco or a Mustang, taking up the No. 1 lane on Highway 41 in Kentucky.

Bold and Bossy was minutes from starting her first-ever race Saturday afternoon at Ellis Park in Henderson when the horse in front of her started “bucking and playing,” said trainer Michael Ann Ewing.

The ruckus caused her to fall, get up and bolt without rider Miguel Mena holding on anymore, Ewing said.

With people running after her and some using pickup trucks to chase the 2-year-old, Bold and Bossy ran for miles, lost a couple of shoes and finally appeared to run out of gas on the highway after 30 minutes, Ewing said.

A couple of Ellis Park horsemen and police officers secured her and calmed her down, she said.


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