Is Hurricane Matthew racist?

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“As per its coiner Ben Chavis, environmental racism is situation of poor minority communities in areas of higher environmental risk that can come about [in] 3 ways, most of which happen all at once. 1) Marginalization, 2) Degradation of protections 3) Making environment worse. Looking globally at the effects of colonialism, exploitation, and climate change in the Caribbean and the global South, you can see it. Bonus: It doesn’t mean that hurricanes are racist or that racist ppl plan hurricanes, but that our society tends toward env disaster for POC.”

There it is.

With Social Justice Warriors (SJW), everything comes down to blame, and somehow, that blame always finds its way to white people. Because of white male colonialism, and white male environmental practices, Haiti was ill-prepared for hurricane Matthew.


What Are Your Thoughts?


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