Legalizing Marijuana Could Be Beneficial to the Environment

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The Golden State’s proposed legalization of recreational marijuana will likely make the crop more sustainable.

In 1849, prospectors came to Northern California for gold. In 2016, they’re coming for green. Recreational marijuana isn’t yet legal in California, but the prospect has sparked a land grab in the area known as the Emerald Triangle.

If Prop 64 passes on Nov. 8, California will become the largest legal marijuana market in the country. This has prompted investors and entrepreneurs to bulk buy rural land in Northern California where the growing conditions are ideal and names like Humboldt have large-scale brand recognition within the industry.

Many residents in Humboldt and Mendocino counties aren’t strangers to pot farming. The legalization of medical marijuana in California has enabled farms there to flourish and much of the illegal crop comes from these areas. But the prospect of a fully legal marijuana market (for adults over 21 years old) raises questions.


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