Video of Giants fans violently assaulting Patriots fans

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There are bad fans in every bunch and New York Giants fans are not excluded from that unfortunate reality.

On Tuesday, a video surfaced from the aftermath of the preseason finale between the Giants and New England Patriots from MetLife Stadium, in which Big Blue walked away with a 17-9 victory.

In the video, several Giants fans can be seen viciously assaulting a pair of Patriots fans after what appears to be an exchange of words.

Warning: The video is violent and there is very colorful language. It is absolutely not safe for work (NSFW) or to be viewed around children.

Unfortunately, it took security nearly a full minute to break up the melee, leaving one woman screaming in tears as her companion was violently beaten on the ground and repeatedly struck in the back of his head.

There has been no public announcement of any arrests, but you have to imagine at least one or two of those Giants fans were cuffed and taken away.


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