Zelensky pushes US for long term security deal “like Israel”

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As Ukraine’s counteroffensive grinds on, officials far away from the frontlines in Washington and Kyiv are quietly negotiating a formal alliance that could reshape Europe’s security landscape.

The negotiations have been overshadowed by Kyiv’s push this summer to retake Russian-held territory in southern Ukraine, but the discussions drew fresh attention recently when Ukrainian President Volodymyr said he expects Ukraine and the United States will agree to a security pact that’s similar to the alliance between the U.S. and Israel. The two countries don’t have a defense treaty, but the U.S. provides Israel with billions in military aid and has long been its most important ally.

“We will likely get this exact model,” Zelensky said in an interview Sunday with Ukrainian media, “the Israeli model that includes weapons, technology, training [and] finances.”

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