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Antisemitic attacks growing in Germany

Chancellor Olaf Scholz says he’s “ashamed and outraged” at recent antisemitic attacks in Germany. He was speaking at an event to mark the anniversary of the November pogroms of 1938, sometimes known as “Kristallnacht.” Berlin’s staunch diplomatic support for Israel is often described as a matter of historic responsibility. But, as fighting continues between Israel […]

Rob Schmitz/NPR

Germany turns to the world’s dirtiest fossil fuel

Power Plant Manager Bernard Vendt stands on a platform jutting out from a smokestack, 20 stories above his company’s chemical park. Past the park’s menagerie of twisting pipes, scaffolding and chimneys below him is a waterway that connects these factories to their energy source. “Over there, that’s our harbor,” Vendt says, pointing with one hand […]